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Cracking Fitness is focused on defining wellness. With all the information out there we are on a mission to sift through the fluff and find the truth.


Just some of my thoughts on the current situation, the craziness and what we can do to work on ourselves through this global pandemic and weird world.

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We explore the idea of sticking to different diets and some other stuff.

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Had a fun, semi somber episode with a couple millennials today. Great dudes. They have changed my life in a good way and soon we will do a more fun podcast. :)

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March 20, 2020

Eating in… Quarantine!

On this Friday we just recorded a quick five minute podcast on using this weird time as an opportunity to learn yourself and learn how to eat! You can focus on cooking now! Learn what you like and learn how you feel eating different foods.

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Times can lead to high stress. High stress can lead to our bodies feeling worn down and wrecked. Learning to Destress is a very important part of overall health and wellness.

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Tough times May be ahead… But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are all hosed… We can and should be learning from tough times.

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In my truck... talking to myself remembering past podcasts and then chatting a bit about corona virus and being prepared

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August 16, 2019

Jessica Lucero - Episode 17

Today we get to know Jessica Lucero. She is a veteran Olympic Weightlifter and an absolute pleasure to speak with. Give her a follow on Instagram, listen to other podcasts that she has been on and get ready for the little knowledge bombs that she drops.

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Today we spoke with the Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder, Stan Efferding. This guy is an absolute wealth of knowledge and it was a pleasure to speak with him. Go check him out on....

Instagram @stanefferding




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